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  • Seeded paper in a bespoke die cut shape to promote your message. The card will actually grow into flowers when planted. Made from 100% recycled paper, soy-based inks, & organic pigments. The paper is made from a unique manufacturing process which impregnates the card with flower seeds. When planted, each handmade seed paper sheet acts like mulch to retain moisture for the seeds. Simply plant it indoors or outside, following the instructions included, and it will grow into beautiful flowers. Ideal as a promotional message card. Shapes available: heart, house, leaf, bear, christmas tree, dollar, pig, flower, star, foot, dove, bird, water droplet, water drop, teardrop, light bulb, butterfly & your own bespoke shape. Colours: White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Brown.
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  • Choice of Seeds. Choice of Design. Fully Brandable Cards or Decorations Available. Great Promotional Item. Perfect for All Year Round Marketing Campaigns. Minimum Quantity: 250.
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